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Music By Cavelight (3xLP) (180g - Burnt Orange Marbled)

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Ninja Tune debuted Blockhead’s flagship solo instrumental LP, “Music By Cavelight.” With it, Blockhead arrived to claim his piece of the beatmakers kingdom. His grooves are slow and methodical, layered with sample upon sample, a continuously changing soundscape that creates one of the most atmospheric albums I’ve ever heard. The opening track, and a selection from his EP of the same name, “Insomniac Olympics” sets the tone for his opus with its dusty horns leading the way and moody pianos carrying the load. The pace of the proceeding track distracts you from realizing that “Carnivores Unite” is just as layered and well-constructed. Things are just starting to get interesting however as “You’ve Got Malestrom” is good enough on its own to make the album worth your time.