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Lipphead - Lipphead (7")

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“Lipphead” is the self-titled collaborative release from New York producers Blockhead and Eliot Lipp. While the two have toured together in the past, “Lipphead” marks the debut of their joint recordings. Released June 21st, 2019 digitally and on 7” vinyl, the self-titled EP includes two songs “Slippery Fingers” and “Just To Prove.” Both songs the sweet spot between Blockhead’s groovy, sample based hip-hop and Eliot Lipp’s upbeat electronic funk.

Released on Detroit-based label Young Heavy Souls, Lipphead is the first of many future collaborations between the two producers. The distinctive look of the project’s artwork is provided by Michigan illustrator Maddison Chaffer, who designed the titular Lipphead character.